Claustrophobic in my own skin?

The side effects from tapering are quickly diminishing. It’s getting easier to feel “normal” on the days I don’t take Effexor. I rarely even notice any side effects until late at night and it’s usually very minor like tingling lips and fingers, nothing too serious. I do tend to feel brain shocks but I’m telling you fish oil makes that go away within minutes- miracle.

The only “feeling” I can’t quite shake is this overwhelming feeling of being claustrophobic in my own body. I googled it and see it’s common but I hate reading those threads because I always take on others people fears lol.

It’s not consuming… Eventually I’m able to think about something else but when it does pop up it’s petrifying.

Basically I feel like I’m suffocating under my breasts, and skin. It’s like a compulsion to cut off my breasts and break free from my skin (even though I would NEVER act on these intrusive thoughts it’s annoying to have them at all).

To me it sounds like what someone who has an eating disorder might experience … This feeling seems like a precursor to anorexia. That won’t be a problem for me though- I just need to find a solution to these horrible intrusive thoughts and remind myself that I’m obviously not going to suffocate myself.

Ugh… Frustrating to say the least. Anyone feel this ever?


2 thoughts on “Claustrophobic in my own skin?

  1. Clare says:

    Thanks for your post. Being claustrophobic in my own skin is exactly the way I feel. Now that I know I’m not the only one, I feel much better.


    • And I too feel better knowing I wasn’t the only one! I’m on week 6 now things are getting better.. Just can’t kick these pressure headaches and lightheadedness yet.. Stay positive and well wishes!


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