The grass is getting greener.

I think I’ve focused so much on the lows of this roller coaster ride that I’ve failed to see that slowly but surely things are changing for the better. I’m barely having side effects from tapering.

My doctor wants me to start doing Y N N N … So basically ‘yes’ taking it day 1 and then ‘no’ not taking it for 3 days. Not sure what effect this will have. I’ll of course keep you updated. Whoever you are and IF anyone “hears” me but I’ll tell you these posts are very therapeutic and do wonders for me as far as seeing my ordeal from an observers standpoint. It forces me to analyze what I’m really going through and feeling.

I still can’t shake the night terrors which freaking suck but my panic attacks are really few and far between if at all. Living a life free of anxiety medication seems possible. Seems like an option for the first time in a long time.

Here are some changes I’ve noticed overall:
– I can feel again. What I mean by this is I feel all sorts of emotions- happier, sadder… You name it I’m regaining control over my emotions that I didn’t even knew I had lost for a time being.

-weight loss. I don’t know why or how but I’ll take it, lol.

-mental clarity. I feel less confused. I’m able to focus a lot more on anything and everything.

-increase in sex drive. I didn’t think my sex life was lacking but being off effexor has changed things significantly.

I’m sure there are more but I have to get to bed.

I want to tell you about this book that is helping me tremendously. Google it for now… ‘When Panic Attacks’ by Dr. Burns… Wow it’s awesome. Must read if you’re suffering similarly.

Take your fish oil and have a good day/night. (Never thought id be a fish oil advocate… After all I hate seafood)


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