8 weeks off of Effexor ( Venlafaxine XR 75 mg)

I can’t believe I’ve been off of it for 8 weeks already! I’m still down 30 lbs- I’ve seemed to have hit a plateau. That’s ok, I’ll be making some changes I will describe below that should get things back on track.

Symptoms? Yes. Still.

Only things I’m really dealing with (and I say dealing loosely because it’s debilitating at times ) MIGRAINES! Never in my life did I deal with chronic headaches but I tell you, I can’t seem to go one day without them now. These migraines are accompanied by auras (trails and or colors in peripheral vision) and the weirdest freaking feelings in my head that sky rocket my anxiety into thinking I’m having a stroke or something awful.

For example- the other day I was sitting on my couch and it felt like rain drops were falling on my head and dropping down my scalp so it’s like a static-y feeling sometimes it runs across like a shooting star- other times it’s a localized spot that experiences pulsating feelings.

Since I have done an MRI and MRA and both came back fine by doctor says these feelings must be stress/anxiety related. Unfortunately anxiety can be so scary because our minds are so powerful. So so powerful. The more I focus on my headache the worse it gets. The more attention I give to the static sensations the more they come.

So my advice? Relax. Yes, I am with you. I know the side effects are real… Even after 56 days in still getting them. The dizziness, occasional nausea and headaches. I know. I deal with it daily but it’s getting better and I know it will be done soon.

so here is my focus

I need to be as healthy as possible! We all do! So make a lifestyle change. As of now, I am replacing one meal with home made juices or smoothies. I use vegetables such as carrots, kale, cucumber and accompany them with some fruits like apples and strawberries… Do research and find the recipe that works best for you.

Don’t forget to add chia seeds, flax seeds and other great accoutrement that will add health benefits as well as curb your appetite.

I’m also attempting to exercise daily even if it’s just a 30 minute walk.

What are you doing to put the withdrawal at bay?


6 weeks off of Effexor

First and foremost Id like to congratulate myself on making it this far… And if you are even two days sans effexor/venlafaxine you should pat yourself on the back too. The withdrawal of this drug is no laughing matter. It will bring the strongest to their knees. So don’t give up and keep chugging forward.

So let’s see 6 weeks is 42 days right? Well I’ve lost 30 lbs, that in and of itself, is reason enough for me to continue even though at times I want to give up.

This has been so hard. So mentally and physically exhausting.

After reading my past posts I would say I am doing much much better in a lot of ways. Night terrors are almost nonexistent- brain zaps are gone and my anxiety attacks have diminished.

I am left with crippling migraines (they do not come as often as they used to) and terrifying health anxiety. To be frank, I have become an extreme hypochondriac. I fear death and all life threatening ailments.

Here’s the important part. I accept that I have developed this problem and know that I have developed it because of my frightening side effects from withdrawing. So I hope that just like these side effects are slowing going away this anxiety will to.

Let me show you the extent of crazy I have gone as far as health is concerned… Since getting off I have had the following tests:

relentless BLOOD TESTS
… And constant questions to my doctor about how I’m feeling…

Exhausting! Needless to say all tests came back fine with minor hiccups here and there none of them life threatening in the least bit. And yet, I still question the tests and whether it has changed just days after. Vicious cycle. I’ll do a separate post about these tests and why I did them.

Bottom line is, things are getting better. Day to day I get weird feelings in my head, very fatigued- at nightI just pass out my body literally shuts down, occasional debilitating migraines and constant worrying thoughts.

BUT it’s better and I’ll take it and most people say by week 9 I should be almost completely back to normal.

Remember! Everyone deals with withdrawal differently. There are no text book answers. Wondering if something your experiencing is typical? Ask me, I’ve become quite the expert on anxiety and the withdrawal of this poison.